Task 19
Task 19
SHC Task 19

Solar Air Systems

Project (Task) Description

The potential for widespread application of solar air systems is great but experience is lacking in conceiving and engineering such systems and there are too few buildings which can serve as examples to architects and clients. The aim of this task is to promote the use of solar air systems for buildings by developing and testing improved components; enhancing computer model capabilities; demonstrating the effectiveness of building-integrated solar air systems; and providing design guidance for system engineers.

The participants will document proven generic system types, and after developing and testing PC-based calculation procedures, they will use these tools to conduct sensitivity studies to better understand the impact of varying design or operational variables on system performance.

Together with industry, IEA researchers will specify the requirements for and test the next- generation of components. At the whole building level, they will analyze monitored data from existing buildings and identify design issues critical for optimizing performance. In addition, the participants will design new buildings with solar air systems which demonstrate the benefits and effective energy performance of such buildings. Finally, a handbook will br produced which provides guidance on system type selection, configuration, dimensioning, performance estimation, and construction tips.